SPO Applications​

Optical components are used virtually everywhere. The application range is very wide, including: Life science instruments, Aerospace imaging, automotive display, material processing, and defense applications, etc.. High-quality precision optics enhance the capabilities and limits of the machines  they are installed in, enhancing image quality, improving accuracy of measurement, and enabling new capabilities.

SPO supports all of these applications and the capable experts who enable and  develop them. We support various industries in the supply of innovative end- to- end component solutions, from optical design through unique capabilities and risk-reducing fabrications, state of the art coatings, and enthusiastic, fully committed customer support.

"Precision optics production is traditionally a long, complex, and painstaking process, where the customer remains in the dark until the success (or failure) of his order. We, at SPO, offer a new level of customer transparency and partnership: From the early RFQ and purchasing order phases to the final test results of the optical element – the customer is our partner throughout the complete life-cycle of the development and manufacturing process. The digitization of SPO's entire manufacturing process also provides better engineering interfaces, truer accuracies, and better yield and response time"
Doron Sturlesi, Ph.D. Physicist
SPO Chief Scientist

Space Industry

Space application: Optical components in use at aerospace industries are made to the highest standards and specifications. Our focus is primarily on miniaturization, compactness and lightweightness of the system. These targets can be supported by high-end optical design and top of the line production of ultra-durable, complex, highly accurate optical components and coatings to withstand the harsh environments of space. At SPO we have  experience in designing and producing space components.   SPO has the expertise and capability to support  specific needs, beginning with very demanding creative design (both optical and opto mechanical) through accurate high-end production of compact Freefrom/ Aspheric/Cylindrical/Toric and other optical surfaces with the highest quality for Visual and UV optical elements (Mirrors, lenses and semi Aspheric display solutions) for space applications.

Augmented and Virtual reality

Augmented reality is widely used in Smart glasses, which are wearable computer glasses that add information alongside what the user sees. Superimposing information onto a field of view is achieved through an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) or embedded wireless glasses with a transparent head-up display (HUD). These systems can reflect projected digital images as well as enabling the user to see through them or see better with them.

Augmented Reality (AR) via laser projection, LED, or other display solutions, is a technology with a very wide and promising future, from Medical applications (images projected during medical treatment) via military (easy navigation) to consumer-related data on demand. Complex optical components and advanced coatings are critical to achieving efficient and optimal image projections. Using freeform optics enables a wider field of view and miniaturization simultaneously.


Defense applications

Use of advanced optics in the defense market is very common, found in light weight, high quality display, state of the art AR in addition to HUD for airborne applications, Laser beam-shaping and optimized LRFs and designators.

Defense systems are one of the most demanding applications for optics, because high durability is redefined via various MIL standards and the quality of application is usually the highest.
In display solution (AR or HUD), SPO’s Aspheres and freeform optics enable light and compact systems to consist on collimators and AR, enabling information visualization for pilots (as an example) using semitransparent screens coated at  SPO, to help improve performance. Regarding Laser targeting and range finding – SPO’s accurate optics, including Asphers cylinders, Free- form etc. coated with high Laser damage threshold coatings, ensure accurate and precise wavefronts to support accurate lasering and measurement of ultra-long distances.



Future Automotive industries will include many new technologies, AI features, and a great deal of sensory related equipment in order to detect and avoid obstacles, and, primarily,  to enhance driver safety Head Up Display: advanced optics such as Free-form optics are used to generate head-up displays which are integrated onto the windscreen of the car. The display solution could include windshield mirrors and projection lenses, which could both incorporate freeform design for FOV enhancement.

Advanced optical systems are designed to support the realization of the new driving experience and new safety features in the path to autonomous driving and better illumination/lighting technology. As complex optics (i.e. freeform) enables the capability of more compact optical systems while not compromising the MTF and image quality, it would undoubtably enhance the performance of such applications.

Popular automotive applications for optical components: Driver assistance systems, used mostly in imaging systems and benefitting from Aspheric lens design to enhance imaging quality and  provide a better  driver view, with  more accurate measurements. Better results in a smaller form-factor could be achieved by using freeform.

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging): these are popular systems  for detect-and-avoid applications.   LIDAR is in use in applications to enhance car safety, while utilizing complex compact optical paths, mostly using Asphers and cylindrical elements to generate accurate measurement.


Industrial lasers 

Industrial Laser applications:    Complex Optics for Near-IR and Visible industrial Laser systems for cutting and welding; ultra-short pulse Lasers and many other applications for production-related and material processing industries. SPO delivers high end complex optics solutions for high Laser damage threshold environments.

SPO offers modular solutions, from full turnkey solutions, including optical design, to prototypes and production-scale manufacturing, or BTP production. Freeform Optics, Aspheres, Toric, Cylindrical surface and other complex optical designs are well within SPO capabilities, while providing our customers with the highest level of product, service and transparency.


Medical Lasers 

Medical and aesthetic lasers are often used in treatment for diseases as well as for aesthetic needs.  Medical lasers are in use for various fields of application, from ophthalmology to hair removal, for both diagnostic and treatment applications.

Optical beam paths for medical lasers require a combination of precise focusing, optimum beam shaping and ultimately safe treatment. Using high-quality optics such as aspheres, thoroids and cylindrical optics enables the implementation of an effective, durable and safe laser for corrections of spherical wavefront irregularities . Using aspheres, cylindrical or thoroidal optics enable more compact design, less optical elements and better Beam shaping, including transformation of Gaussian laser beams into various Top-Hat profiles while maintaining homogeneous intensity distributions.


Microscopy and semicon

The Micro-electronic market  must inspect the surfaces of wafers and detect the slightest surface deviations,  so a high-quality camera system is a must for quality control  of  Si wafers.  In order to achieve these high performances, the optical components used are state of the art, utilizing SPO’s capability to manufacture precise Freeform or Aspherical surfaces in order to compensate for aberrations and to enable precise measurements.

When the Laser cutting process is utilized for wafer processing, complex precision optics from SPO  are  needed for Laser guidance. These include optics with Aspheres, Cylindrical or Acylindrical surfaces to ensure high quality and a time-saving cutting process.


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